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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we and what do we do?

Ridgewood Pediatric Therapy Associates provides sensory-integrative and neurodevelopmental treatment for successful performance in a child's daily occupations. Our staff is experienced in various therapeutic strategies to provide the best care through a challenging yet playful learning environment. 

What types of equipment do you use in a session?

Our sensory therapeutic environment is very enriched with specialized equipment to assist in the therapy of our clients. Our staff is trained and certified to use each piece of equipment to enhance performance skills in all of our clients. Listed below are a few examples of equipment that are commonly used in therapy sessions:

  • Swings: There is a value and purpose for each of the swings in our facility. Each swing enhances a child's ability to process and regulate proprioceptive and vestibular input in a fun and playful environment. 

  • Vestibular Boards: Vestibular boards serve to provide vestibular stimulation from various directions. They also promote balance and lower extremity strength. 

  • Climbing Apparatus: Climbing apparatus are used as a therapeutic exercise to begin most sessions. They target upper extremity and grip strength as well as motor planning and coordination.

  • Ball Skills: Improving ball skills can be integrated in many different ways around the therapy gym. We often incorporate ball skills into treatment to enhance eye-hand coordination skills and visual perceptual skills. Many times we will have children participate in these activities while standing on a vestibular board or other unsteady surface to challenge the sensory and motor systems working together.

  • Coordination Skills: A variety of our equipment is utilized to enhance coordination skills. This involves any movements that involve both extremities or both sides of the body, symmetrically or asymmetrically. These skills are integral for children because they are a component of many daily activities and tasks such as jumping, skipping, cutting with scissors, using a fork and knife, and tying shoelaces.

How long are treatment sessions?

Our therapy staff provides the best practice for children receiving therapy integrative therapy as our sessions are 45-minutes in length. Research suggests that it takes approximately 20 minutes for a child to adapt to different contexts. This can affect a child's performance during activities throughout a session, which is why our sessions are 45-minutes in length. This provides time for the child to become acclimated to a new environment while leaving enough time to learn and grow through purposeful activities. 


What are your hours of operation?

Currently, our hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

What ages do you treat?

Ridgewood Pediatric Therapy treats a variety of children ranging from infancy to young adults. We treat children and young adults of all abilities who may have difficulty maintaining their foundational skill sets, especially when engaged in balance, movement, and self-care activities. 

Do you provide mentorship for students interested in occupational therapy?

Yes. Ridgewood Pediatric Therapy cares deeply about the future of our profession and practice. We provide mentorship to students who are anticipating their NBCOT board exam as well as Level I and II fieldwork students who have an interest in pediatrics.

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