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What is Solisten®?

Solisten is the portable application of TOMATIS® sound training, which is designed by the originators of the TOMATIS® Method and the Tomatis Electronic ear. It is the only portable, digital device that offers the true and original TOMATIS® work. The programs provide the renowned effect through the use of sophisticated electronic functions including gating, delay and precession. The proprietary preprogrammed music uses filter levels, and bone and air conduction established by Dr. Tomatis.


What is the Tomatis Method?

Alfred A. Tomatis, MD was an Otolaryngologist (Ear Nose and Throat Specialist) whose scientific training and drive to help his patients led him to develop the aptly named Electronic Ear and the Tomatis Method. The Electronic Ear is a device for training the ear for optimal listening. With the information that he assessed from his listening test, the speaking voice and chant, the music of Mozart is then filtered through the Electronic Ear. This enabled him to exercise and literally train the ear to listen more efficiently.


What does the Solisten® program consist of?

The complete program of the Solisten program (a program of auditory integration) requires a minimum of 60 hours of listening, using the sophisticated equipment pictured above. The client is first seen for a free consultation to discuss in detail the Tomatis Effect and Solisten program. Once a contract is established, the client is required to complete 15 days of listening, 2 hours per day. This is then followed by a second consultation session. After four weeks, the client returns to the Solisten program for another 15 days of listening, 2 hours per day. This will complete the initial 60 hours of listening. At this time, recommendations will be made for the course of treatment. In many cases, the initial 60 hours are sufficient, but in some situations continual listening may be necessary of a longer period of time to achieve greater goals and desires.


What is the Tomatis Effect?

The Tomatis Effect is summarized in three laws:

  1. The voice only contains the harmonics the ear can hear. You speak with you ear and you sing with your ear.

  2. If the hearing is modified, the voice is immediately and unconsciously modified.

  3. It is possible to durably transform phonation when auditory stimulation is maintained over a certain time (the law of duration or retention).


What areas of function are effected?

The Solisten program works to effectively change the function of the vestibular (movement), cochlea (sound), and the nervous system. These play a capital role in the processes implicated in:

  • posture and balance

  • rhythm and body awareness

  • motor planning

  • balancing energy (arousal levels)

  • discrimination and accommodation of sound

  • sound location and laterality

  • attention, concentration, and memory

  • communication impairments

  • regulation of emotions

  • the capacities for social interaction

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